Youth Conference

About the Conference

This free, online event creates an intentional and accessible space for youth and students (ages 13-24) to have important discussions about healthy relationships – relationships with peers, family, partners, communities and with themselves. 

Under the guidance of the Youth Advisory Council, at NFF Youth Conferences, keynote speakers and panellists unpack concepts of gender, healthy relationships, and authentic self-expression.

October 2022 Conference Highlights

The second NFF Youth Conference tackled concepts of Healthy Masculinities, bringing together a diverse group of speakers to discuss how understandings of what it means to "be a man" impact everyone, regardless of gender or sex.

With a keynote from Tyler Simmonds, an award-winning Canadian filmmaker and public speaker, plus a panel featuring speakers from White Ribbon, Western's Centre for School Mental Health, and Thames Valley District School Board, the event was a chance to learn from a variety of perspectives how healthy masculinities positively affect personal and romantic relationships.

Conference Recording

Conference Resources

London Public Library compiled two lists of resources for young adults and adults, related to healthy masculinities. Resources include books, TED Talks, podcasts and Ontario-based support services and community organizations.

Download the Young Adult Resources list  |  Download the Adult Resources list


March 2022 Conference Highlights 

Our passionate youth council held the first conference in March 2022. The event theme was intersectionality and identity. A variety of speakers presented their views on the conference theme followed by a Q&A session. 

Sandy Hudson, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in Canada, led the roster of diverse speakers who took part in the conference. 

More than 100 participants joined the first NFF Youth Conference. Here’s what attendees said they valued about the event: 

  • “How relatable it was – I really felt connected to the speakers and the discussions we were having.” 
  • “How the speakers all focused on different areas, but their topics were intricately linked. I thought the moderators did a great job moving the conversation along!” 

Conference Recording