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I have chosen to write about a deeply personal topic – the bullying experiences of Indigenous boys with braids in mainstream schooling settings. I write about this topic as an Indigenous mother of two children a young man, and a boy who have long hair, but have endured the bullying and violence perpetrated by other kids on the playground - forms of violence deeply embedded within white settler masculinist norms based on assumptions of what a ‘real boy’ should look like. As we have learned, being an Indigenous boy with long hair in our day and age has real consequences.

Research Briefs

Neighbours, Friends and Family research briefs aim to educate and inform others about gender-based violence and abuse against women. The reports will be easily available online and written in clear language that ensures they are accessible to the general public. Our aim is to both educate and inspire action so that readers understand we all have a role to play in ending violence against women. View briefs here.

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