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Neighbours, Friends and Families

You may suspect abuse is happening to a neighbour, friend or family member, but do not know what to do or how to talk about it. You may worry about making the situation worse. NFF is a public education campaign to raise awareness of the warning signs and risk factors for woman abuse. Learning to recognize warning signs and risk factors is the first step that you can take to help someone close to you who is an at-risk woman or an abusive man. Once you recognize that there may be a problem, you can learn how to approach the person you care about in a supportive way. You can also learn about the helping services available in your community so that you can make an appropriate referral. Everyone in the community has a role to play in helping to prevent woman abuse. You will find information and suggestions here on how to help someone you are concerned about. The site also offers free resources that you can order or download.

This campaign is a partnership between the Ontario government, Ontario Women’s Directorate and the Expert Panel on Neighbours, Friends and Families, through the Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children.