About Us

Neighbours, Friends & Families was launched in 2005 as a public education campaign in support of recommendations by the Ontario Domestic Violence Death Review Committee (DVDRC). More often than not we hear from people that they do not know what to do when they see someone experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) or they did not know that their neighbour, friend or family member is a victim/survivor of IPV. With the aim to prevent IPV, this campaign has been created for all the neighbours, friends and families to provide information about the risks and signs of IPV, how you can safely intervene and actions you can take to address it.

All of us have a role to play in ending IPV.

Purpose of NFF

  • Engage the power of everyday relationships to help keep people, including
    children who experience abuse safe
  • Raise awareness of the signs of abuse
  • Give people, who are close to someone experiencing abuse, or someone who is
    using abusive behaviours, information & skills to offer support and to make
    appropriate referrals.
  • To provide information about actions they can take to address IPV beyond the
    individual situations

Mission of NFF

  • To provide education about the signs of IPV so that we can help keep potential
    victims/survivors and their children safe.