Youth Advisory Council

nff youth advisory council

What it's all about

Young people who are socially engaged critical thinkers are catalysts of positive change. They house the very perspectives required to inform educational policies and curriculum development related to preventative application of CREVAWC research initiatives. Engaged young people are inquisitive and are stirred by purposeful collective action and outcomes that improve conditions for themselves, their peers, and the next generation. 

The Youth Advisory Council is a body of young people from across Canada who provide counsel and support to the broader Youth Education Project housed under the Neighbours, Friends and Family program. They are actively engaged in community conversations and research, play an active role in NFF’s youth centric public education campaigns, and are involved in all aspects of NFF youth special events and projects. 


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September's Healthy Talk:

Healthy Talks are back! We are pleased to introduce Dasnoor, Ellah, and Murado from the #NFFYouth Advisory Council.

This month the Youth Council and Kristina are discussing heading back into the classroom.
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