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Mary's Story

July 03, 2019

I left my husband in 2011 because he was physically and mentally abusive.  He would hit me if I didn't do what he wanted and call me awful names and put me down to the point that I felt I didn't deserve better.  I struggled for 8 years with this abuse. I was totally isolated from friends and family, and he made sure of that.

At the end, enough was enough and I took my boys and left. I know how hard it is to leave a man who does this to you, but just know you are not alone.

My ex-husband still tries to continue to bully me and our sons. He feels that his sons and I owe him. He doesn't see that we don't want anything to do with him because he is a terrible man. Even though I left him in 2011, he still feels entitled to destroy what I have built for myself and my boys. These men have to be stopped. I was lucky enough to get out alive but no woman should have to fear for her life at the hand of a man.


mom with sons