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Awareness and Remembrance Staying Safe

How to Stay Mentally Healthy During the Holidays

December 20, 2019
The winter holiday season creates many expectations for a time of joy. Television commercials, stores, online advertisements, all show images of ...

Staying Safe Emerging Issues Awareness and Remembrance

16 Days of Action: Voices of Change

December 10, 2019
Have you been following along the #16Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign? From November 25 to December 10, individuals and ...

Awareness and Remembrance Emerging Issues Staying Safe

Tangible Ways to Help Your Local Women’s Shelter

November 15, 2019
Tis the season...to be generous? While philanthropy and volunteering is always much needed in our society, it seems that the time around the ...

Awareness and Remembrance Personal Stories

#boyswithbraids #BWB

November 13, 2019
I have chosen to write about a deeply personal topic – the bullying experiences of Indigenous boys with braids in mainstream schooling ...

Awareness and Remembrance Emerging Issues In the News

The Epidemic of Abuse Against Female Politicians

November 04, 2019
Women in politics. While men hold an overwhelming majority of political positions, we’ve seen a shift especially in the past decade. ...

Awareness and Remembrance Staying Safe

A better world for girls is a better world for all

October 11, 2019
It was 25 years ago that 30,000 men and women from almost 200 countries gathered in China for the Fourth World Conference on Women. The outcome ...

Personal Stories Awareness and Remembrance In the News

The Three Most Moving Moments in “Fatal Silence”

September 05, 2019
Maha El Birani, her sisters, and her mother Sonia had long endured family violence at the hands of Maha’s father, despite eventually seeking ...

Personal Stories Awareness and Remembrance

Morgan’s Story: Abuse doesn’t always look like what we think it will

August 20, 2019
We’re often taught, through media or even school, that domestic violence is all physical. But that’s often not the case. The lack of ...

Emerging Issues Staying Safe Awareness and Remembrance

Workplace Domestic Violence: Supporting Workers with Disabilities

August 12, 2019
In Ontario, Neighbours, Friends & Families (NFF) has been a clear voice for public education on addressing domestic violence since 2005. NFF ...

Personal Stories Awareness and Remembrance

Mary's Story

July 03, 2019
I left my husband in 2011 because he was physically and mentally abusive. He would hit me if I didn't do what he wanted and call me awful ...

Awareness and Remembrance Emerging Issues

Reflections on Indigenous Land Acknowledgements on National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 20, 2019
I am an Indigenous woman (Cree, originally from Petabeck / Fort Albany First Nation, in Treaty 9 territory) who grew up in small town northern ...

Awareness and Remembrance

Reflections on Father’s Day: Why I’m Not a Superhero

June 12, 2019
Every year, Father’s Day is a natural opportunity to discuss the role of fathers in the lives of children. Lately, this conversation has ...

In the News Awareness and Remembrance

World Health Day: Let’s Talk About a Global Issue Often Ignored

April 03, 2019
For many, domestic abuse isn’t on the list of issues they’d think of, but it should be. Physical or sexual abuse is a public health ...

Staying Safe Awareness and Remembrance

This Valentine’s Day, why not just love yourself?

February 14, 2019
Valentine’s Day. It’s a day synonymous with red roses, chocolate, and love. For many though, the day is not full of happiness. Some ...

Awareness and Remembrance Emerging Issues Staying Safe

Domestic Violence and Women with Disabilities

January 07, 2019
When approached to write this blog post I was thrilled as I enjoy writing and the topic is one that is near and dear to me. I have the distinction ...

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