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NFF Youth Blog: 16 Days of Activism

December 10, 2021

16 Days of Activism is one of the oldest and most wildly known campaigns for women’s rights which calls for the prevention and elimination of gender-based violence. 16 Days of Activism begins November 25 which marks the International Day for Violence Against Women and runs until December 10, Human Rights Day. During these sixteen days, there is an international focus on ending gender-based violence. Recently youth have begun to engage in advocacy in this area. They have grown more aware of some of the world's horrors as a result of social media. Youth activists have been working nonstop to raise awareness and change harmful gender dynamics. When discussing 16 Days of Activism, youth play an important role by using their voices and diverse platforms to spread awareness and have conversations about the campaign and its importance. Young people, young women, in particular, are working together to end gender-based violence. Today’s youth have witnessed unhealthy patterns of the past and have stepped up to make a better world for their generation and all generations that follow.

            The 16 Days of Activism Campaign focuses specifically on the rights of girls and their safety. In some parts of the world, contrary to basic human rights outlined by the United Nations, women and men do not enjoy equality. The gendered societal differences are such that some women fear for their lives on a daily basis, are unable to go to school or receive an education and cannot choose who or if they want to marry. This is not okay. Who would have thought that by 2021 there would remain such inequality in the world? The sad thing is that generally when we think about women who fear for their safety, we think about ‘other’ countries which are very different from our own. However, even in Canada, women fear walking alone, they fear what has been put in their drink, they fear saying no. We live in a world where women in every walk of life and in different instances might face inequalities and are afraid as a direct result of their gender. This is why campaigns like the 16 Days of Activism are necessary.

            When young people get together, they make a difference, but it isn’t always taken seriously.  Our generation has had enough, we want to change the world. However, we are still seen as kids and not as someone with the experience or ability to do so. It is crucial that youth get involved in activism for causes they care about- they are the ones who will be taking the world forward and why not get a head start? As the time is progressing, more and more youth are being taken seriously when it comes to activism and are pulling up a chair at tables that have previously excluded them.  One can only hope that society leaves more and more room at the table when they take a stand for or against something that is important to them.

            The NFF Youth Advisory Council plans to take a stand, by familiarizing those around us with the campaign’s key messages. We will be using social media as our tool, posts and videos will be used to spread awareness about different issues and calls to action that require society’s attention. Gender-based violence is something that needs to come to an end, and, together, as a council along with the support of the community, we want to make that change possible.

            From November 25 to December 10 is the 16 Days of Activism Campaign, we invite you to join us. Get involved by talking to your network and spreading awareness, using the #16days hashtag. You can also wear a white ribbon that symbolizes peace. Remember to stay safe, amplify these important messages and maintain gratitude for your rights, because not everyone has them.



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