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Women Rising: Speaking Truth to Power

January 31, 2017

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Wendy Goldsmith
 is a proud mother of three, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a social worker and community organizer who does everything in her power to try to make the world a better place while having as much fun as possible.

On Saturday January 21 2017, the day after the USA inaugurated Donald Trump as their 45th president, women and their allies around the world rallied and marched in solidarity to oppose what they believe Donald Trump and his administration represent.  Millions and millions of women (the last estimate I heard was four million) came together to fight oppression, misogyny, racism, homophobia and hate.  But more importantly, they came together to stand for what they believe in; justice, love, the environment, safety and a bright future for our children.

London was no exception as an estimated 1400 people gathered in Victoria Park for speeches, songs and drumming, culminating with a march through the streets.  The positive energy was palpable as woman after woman braved the mic.  Beautiful poetry demanded respect for women’s bodies minds and hearts, and stories of oppression awakened our passion for justice.  We were encouraged and inspired to embrace our diversity, to love and care for one another fiercely in a time of darkness and uncertainty.  Women were encouraged to seek positions of power, politically and within their communities, workplaces and homes.  They were encouraged to speak their truth, to embrace their gifts and to follow their passion, in community.

Crowd at Women's March with signs and flags

The era of Donald Trump represents a wakeup call to the world, and in particular to women who for too long have lived in the shadow of men with an agenda of misogyny, dominance, power and control.  It was very moving to witness the large number of men at the London rally, and indeed at rallies around the world who stand with their sisters, mothers, daughters, and partners to say NO to oppression.

Crowd marching for women's march

As a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and one budding feminist son, I was very proud to help organize our London event and to see so many new faces in the crowd.  But there is much work to be done.  Through our actions they learn the importance of community, caring and sharing.  This is the beginning of the fight of our life.  This is the fight FOR our life.  The rally was exciting and inspiring but our work can’t end here.  This call to action comes straight from the Mother as Gaia calls on each and every one of us to say NO to her destruction.  At the heart of this struggle is her wellbeing and we need to make a conscious effort in our everyday actions to protect her. We must scour every corner and stand up to oppression everywhere.  We need to lead, to follow, to see each other, and to be heard.

Wendy Goldsmith speaking into microphone
This is our time. Our time to act, our time to be revolutionary in everyday life.  Our time to seek our allies and to take the time to care for each other in meaningful ways.  One rally isn’t enough.  Once we wake up we are required to become active, in whatever ways are meaningful in our lives.  Some of us will organize, some will write, some will teach, some will create art and some will occupy.  Every action is integral to the whole.  The divine feminine, who lives in all of us, can never be silenced. We ARE the people we have been waiting for, and no one gets left behind.

Video of the Women's March in London, ON