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Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 10, 2017

Mother’s Day. It’s a day when we celebrate all the moms and women of influence in our lives. This could be a mom of any type: a biological, adopted, foster or step-mom. It could also be a grandmother, an aunt, an older sister, or another close relative. It might even be your neighbour, a co-worker, a teacher or a close friend. It’s a chance to celebrate anyone who is a mother figure or has had a strong impact on your life!

Multigenerational family

Florists, restaurants and jewelery stores might present the idea that all women want expensive gifts on this day, but celebrating the women in your life doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Many moms, especially those with young children at home, would likely be thrilled with the idea of a couple of hours alone to read a book and enjoy a cup of tea. Or a day off from a regular strenuous schedule. Or even just the simple act of being acknowledged. There are many fun and frugal ways to celebrate mother’s day and we’re sharing 5 simple ideas with you today. So, forget those $80 bouquet of roses and instead focus on what matters most - time together.

1. A Picnic in a Park - if the weather cooperates, what better way to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company than a simple picnic in a nice setting. Make up some sandwiches, salads and a few snacks, grab a picnic blanket and some drinks and head on over to your local park. Enjoy each other’s company and let the women in your life know how much they mean to you.

2. Homemade Gifts - if the woman in your life has children, get them to create some fun homemade gifts. There are many ideas that can be found online using materials you likely already have at home. Even a simple homemade card is a great idea. Many moms cherish these homemade gifts and cards more than anything else. Don’t forget about teachers, daycare providers or neighbours who might not have their children nearby.

3. Spa at Home - while the idea of being pampered at a spa is a wonderful idea, it’s not always in the budget. If that’s the case, pick up a few simple ingredients such as creams and scrubs, and create your own spa at home. You can also easily make your own products if you have a bit of time. Set up the mom in your life with her own afternoon of pampering. You can bring her magazines and a hot cup of tea or coffee while she soaks her feet.

4. Road Trip - is there a location close to home she’s been wanting to visit for a while? Maybe a small town nearby with some neat stores, a museum, or a particular hiking trail? Hop in the car and surprise the women in your life with an impromptu road trip. You can stop on the way to have a picnic if you’d like and enjoy some time outdoors.

5. Family Potluck - if you have many moms in your life, think about planning a family get-together. Just make sure the moms know it’s their day off: no cooking allowed! Let others in the family take care of the preparations and just have the women show up. It’s a great opportunity to get together as a family (or even a group of friends or neighbours) and enjoy each other’s company. If it’s a nice day, you can sit outside, but this can easily be done inside as well if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

mother and two kids

And as much as we want to focus on happy times for this special day, we are also thinking of women who have had to flee a dangerous situation because of domestic violence. Moms who are trying hard to rebuild their lives for themselves and their children. You can support these women by making a donation to your local women’s shelter. Find the shelter nearest you using the Shelter Safe website.

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