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5 Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate World Laughter Day

May 02, 2017

World Laughter Day falls on May 7th this year. It’s a great day to plan to spend some down time with your family or friends and do nothing but...laugh! Whether you’re spending it with your siblings, your children, your spouse or even a group of friends, it’s a great opportunity to take the day to bond and create even more happy memories.

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Spending positive time together as a family will help create stronger ties and deeper relationships with each other. If you have children, it’s important to try to set aside regular time to reconnect as a family. Ensuring you provide your children with a safe and happy place will also help set the path for them to confide in you and feel comfortable talking to you about important topics or situations. We wanted to share five simple ways you can connect with each other and celebrate World Laughter Day as a family or a group of friends. Enjoy!

5 Ways to Celebrate World Laughter Day

world laughter day reminisceReminisce - Gather together, get some paper and pens, and write down your favourite funny memories. Think about family trips, fun days spent together, or special occasions.  Share your favourite funny memories and write them down. You can make these even more fun by putting these in a jar and saving them until next World Laughter Day to read out loud together. This activity is a great way to spend quality time together while also increasing your bond as a family or group of friends.

 world laughter day movie night
Plan a Movie Night - Movie nights are a simple but fun way to spend time together and bond. For World Laughter Day with kids, plan on a family-friendly comedy movie that everyone can watch together. You’ll be giggling together in no time.

 world laughter day time
Go Back in Time - Get out all the photo albums and have a laugh over the especially funny ones. Hilarious baby pictures, goofy smiles, funny memories. If you have little kids, you can get out your own baby pictures - they’ll likely smile just looking at them!

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Play a Game - There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned game night to get everyone in a happy mood. Whether you’re playing a good game of charades or a funny board game, everyone will be laughing in no time.

world laughter day jokes
Tell Jokes - Think up your best “knock, knock” jokes and get the kids to come up with their own. Kids love jokes and they’ll enjoy making up their own funny ones that get their whole family laughing.

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