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NFF "What everyone should know about woman abuse" Documentary



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Efisia Orsini, RN, BScN, MHA

Kim Gibson, Domestic Violence Survivor

Judy Miller-Rose shares her personal experience of domestic violence

Deb Matthews Press Conference Announcement - January 18th, 2016


Laura from Across Languages interview with NFF

Kate Wiggins interview with NFF

Tim Kelly interview with NFF

Amber Wardell interview with NFF

Mohammed Baobaid interview with NFF


In this short video Mary talks about supporting her sister who is experiencing domestic violence.


In this short video Paulo talks about how he spoke up when friend was demonstrating abusive behaviours.


In this short video Belinda describes talking to a friend experiencing abuse while giving her space and time to act on her terms.


In this short video Geoff describes how he stepped in to talk to a community member demonstrating abusive behaviour.


In this short video Carol describes her struggles to keep her experiences of abuse a secret and coming to realize it wasn’t her fault.


In this short video Jim describes coming to view his behaviour as abusive and the supports he needed to change.


In this short video, Mary, Belinda, and Carol explain how domestic violence affects us all.


In this short video, Geoff, Paulo, and Jim talk about the importance of starting conversations when we see abusive behaviour.