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Sask. sexual violence survivors to get access to free legal advice
Domestic Abuser Given Absolute Discharge Claims His Ex-Girlfriend ‘Just Wanted Attention’
Saskatchewan explores new law that could warn victims of partners’ violent past
Upcoming Webinar - Mandatory Charging Research Project: Presentation of the Public Report
Purple Posse and Safety Card Success in Kingston Area!
OAITH – Femicide List 2016
Cut It Out Campaign trains stylists to recognize, respond to domestic abuse
New program helps train salon staff to recognize dangers of domestic abuse
So much more than cutting hair...
Stylists learn to cut out domestic violence

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Rabbit Ears Book Club

Book and coffee“When you see injustice, in your community, within your family, among your neighbours or friends, stand up. Don’t just sit idly by and let it happen. Stand up.” - Maggie Cywink. This is the message that Maggie Cywink left the audience with at our special bookclub event, where both Maggie DeVries and Maggie Cywink spoke about the murders of their sisters. What preceded both events was a lifetime of hardship and grief that led to the loss of life for both of these young women.

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