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Neighbours, Friends and Families is a public education campaign to raise awareness of the signs of woman abuse so that those close to an at-risk woman
or an abusive man can help. It engages the power of everyday relationships to
help keep women and their children safe. 

Research Briefs

Neighbours, Friends and Family research briefs aim to educate and inform others about gender-based violence and abuse against women. The reports will be easily available online and written in clear language that ensures they are accessible to the general public. Our aim is to both educate and inspire action so that readers understand we all have a role to play in ending violence against women. View briefs here.

Neighbours, Friends & Families Blog

International Day of Older Persons – Oct 1 2020

2 old womenrEvery day is a milestone in the life journey. Over the years, I have come to recognize that there is a core part of me that is unchanging, that remains always with ‘being young’ in the sense that I am who I have always been. There is a constant me. At the same time, I am in constant motion, being moved along with time that is never still, in this body that ages around me. Sometimes when I catch a glimpse in a mirror and am struck by the distance between how I feel and how I appear. Am I really a ‘senior’? Already?

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