March 2018 - March 2019 Newsletter

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A Year in Review

This past year saw Neighbours, Friends and Families really listening to the needs of the communities and focusing our efforts on educating in areas that are lacking in resources. These include reaching young adults to teach about health relationships, consent, and helping friends experiencing abuse. We also focused heavily on the topics of mothers experiencing abuse and the impact this has on children. By creating blog content as well as Facebook posts and videos that supported this mission, we were able to reach a large amount of people through a variety of mediums.

Healthy Love: Talks for Teens

We began Spring of 2018 by launching our popular healthy relationships series, geared toward young adults. Featuring a variety of speakers focusing on different issues, the monthly talks reached almost 50,000 people and were viewed, in total, 9,500 times, on Facebook. The talks are also available to be viewed on our website ( Some of our most popular talks over the past year included Julie Lalonde talking about stalking and criminal harassment; a talk from the creators of From the Heart, about how to engage students in conversations about consent and sexual assault through interactive theatre; Matt Sereda, an educator from the Thames Valley District School Board discussing what teachers need to know when speaking to students about relationships and consent; and Karen. B.K. Chan, talking how to become resilient in the face of rejection. We also featured a talk from Jackson Katz as well as numerous other local community partners.

We have been focusing on reaching out to different school boards and community organizations in Ontario to ensure they know about the talks, and we have been using Facebook Ads to help promote the talks not only to educators but also to parents and those who work with young adults in different capacities..

16 Days of Activism

Every day, from November 25-December 10, we featured posts and infographics on Facebook that focused on a different statistic about violence against women or tips on how to help. We boosted all 16 of these posts and were able to reach 15,000 people over this two-week period. We also had over 2800 comments or reactions. We worked closely with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign so that we can see how our collective efforts can result in even greater impact.

It Starts at Home

Our findings show that our followers and viewers are particularly interested in learning about how to help moms experiencing abuse, as well as posts related to parenting and the importance of protecting children from violence. Knowing this, we focused on creating blog content that resonated with this. New blog posts include how to support moms who are in domestic abuse situations, why peace needs to start in the home, and the necessary importance of ending the cycle of abuse within a family. Our Facebook posts reflected this same pattern as we actively sought out partner organizations’ posts and articles that supported the need for family support and protecting children from abuse.