Premier McLeod says family violence is everyone's business

Articles via GNWT Newsletter | October 10, 2014

Premier Bob McLeod, as Minister Responsible for Women, launched Family Violence Awareness Week on Monday at a ceremony at the Salvation Army in Yellowknife. The theme of this year’s Family Violence Awareness Week is “Family violence is everyone’s business. What will you do?”

“We all have a role in preventing and responding to abuse in our communities,” said Premier McLeod at the event.  “It is difficult to talk about family violence but if we remain silent, we are condoning that violence and allowing it to continue.”

The Government of the Northwest Territories works in close partnership with the Coalition Against Family Violence (CAVF) which organized the event at the Salvation Army.  CAFV is a territorial interagency group that brings together non-government and government agencies to share information and undertake projects that work to reduce the incidence of family violence in the NWT.

The ceremony featured a powerful speech from Mira Hall, Program Manager for the Centre for Northern Families.  Mira shared her experiences as a victim of domestic violence and how a roommate intervened to help remove her from an abusive situation.  She also talked about another instance where she was a bystander to violence and how she chose to address rather than dismiss the abuse.

The event at the Salvation Army also showcased a YouTube video by Laci Green titled, “She Asked For It” where she talks victim blaming and another video by Lindsey Doe titled “The Bystander Effect” and how bystanders have a role in preventing violence.

At the end of ceremony, Premier McLeod signed a pledge, along with many others, to never commit, condone or remain silent about family violence.

For more information on Family Violence Awareness Week, contact the Status of Women Council of the NWT at 1-888-234-4485.

*The YouTube videos and Mira’s speech can be accessed on home computers.  To view the videos, enter the names of the video on YouTube’s search engine. You can visit Moose FM’s website to read and hear Mira’s speech.

Family Violence Awareness Week

This week has been Family Violence Awareness week, and to mark the occasion the Department of the Health and Social Services partnered with the NWT Coalition Against Family Violence to launch the What Will It Take? initiative, a social marketing campaign aimed at changing attitudes and beliefs about family violence.  The campaign is geared towards bystanders who witness family violence; helping give the confidence and skills needed to reduce family violence.  It features new locally produced 1 & 3 hour video resources that can be presented in communities across the NWT.

Minister of Health and Social Services Glen Abernethy and Dene singer/songwriter Leela Gilday launched the campaign Wednesday October 8th at Northern United Place.  There were highlights screened of the new NWT-produced videos, as well as a short musical performance by Leela Gilday.  For more information on the campaign contact Avis Vallis (  If you would like to receive training and materials contact the Family Violence Prevention Consultant at 920-6366.

Articles via GNWT Newsletter | October 10, 2014