Luke's Place Training: Toronto, November 2014

With funding support from Status of Women Canada, Luke’s Place has provided nine comprehensive, gender-based three-day trainings in a number of communities across Ontario on family law support and advocacy for violence against women service providers.

This is the last training in this low-cost series - it will be held in Toronto, November 4-6, 2014, and the deadline for registrations (registration form attached) is Tuesday, October 21.

The training is appropriate for any front line service staff, but is particularly important for staff members who currently or will focus approximately 25% or more of their time in providing family law information and support to abused women.

Training will be delivered by Luke’s Place lead trainer and legal director, Pamela Cross.

This three-day training offers two distinct components:

Days one and two provide a gender-based analysis of and information about family law and family court and related information and topics to assist frontline workers supporting women through family court. Topics include:

  • separation violence and its impact on children and on women’s engagement with the legal process
  • an overview of criminal law and court, including the overlaps and contradictions with family law and court
  • child protection law
  • safety planning
  • legal representation
  • dealing with vicarious trauma

Day three is a train the facilitator session in which participants will be given content for four legal information workshops designed to be presented to women who have experienced abuse and will have the opportunity to learn the essentials of workshop facilitation from logistical components to teaching for adults who have experienced trauma.

Please note: Day three does not provide substantive legal information, but is focused on skills development to assist you in delivering workshops to women on these topics. For this reason, to participate in this workshop, you must have either:

  • Attended a family law training given by Luke’s Place or Pamela Cross within the past 3 years, OR
  • Provided family law support to women as a significant component of your work for at least 2 years

If you are interested in attending one of these sessions please contact

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Luke's Place also provides trainings that can be tailored for your agency's needs and resources. Learn more about our training services as well as participants' feedback by clicking here:

This training is made possible by funding from Status of Women Canada.