4th Sisters In Spirit Vigil - October 2014

The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is pleased to announce the 9th annual October 4th 2014 Sisters-In-Spirit (SIS) Vigil.

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Each year, family members, Aboriginal community members, and concerned citizens gather for a vigil on October 4th on Parliament Hill to honour the growing number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. Vigils take place in many communities across Canada as well as internationally. These gatherings serve to raise awareness and provide support to families who have lost a loved one.

The SIS vigils are one way to educate the public on the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls, rally support and compel the government to respond. NWAC is very grateful for the immense community support and participation given each year.

For those thinking about hosting a SIS vigil for the first time, or perhaps are thinking about hosting a different type of event this year, please know that any event that moves this issue forward is a success and is of great value to everyone!

NWAC encourages all types of events on and around October 4th. A moment of silence or a candlelight vigil, for example, can be more solemn and peaceful events that may focus on honouring a particular loved one or lost sisters as a whole. A rally and/or march can be very powerful, especially if you wish to address legislative changes or challenge the status quo. Some October 4th organizers have combined all types of events. Two groups, for example, may host two different events of different times in the same city. Often times, these events serve to complement one another as community members have a dual opportunity to participate, first in a rally and march where the goal is to raise public awareness and promote social change, followed by a peaceful traditional candlelight vigil that is more focused on healing and families.

NWAC’s goal throughout this movement is to promote inclusiveness and reach as many Canadians as possible. Last year, we had an unprecedented 216 vigils take place across the country and internationally. NWAC is hoping to surpass this number in 2014. YOU CAN HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN! We invite you, your organization and your community to join with us in solidarity on October 4th 2014. When you register your SIS vigil with NWAC, you become part of a movement for social change!

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